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Friday, May 4, 2012

Water Harvest by Eric Diehl

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Setting:  On an arid planet.

Kast'ar is a unique planet.  Most of its water is found in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.  Above the planet are two inhabited moons.  Beneath the surface, there are large caverns. And emanating from the depths of these caverns is a mysterious energy.

For a thousand years, there has been strife between the governments of the planet and the lunar colonies.  Water must be harvested from the atmosphere of Kast'ar.  Like any commodity in short supply, there is legal harvesting and illegal harvesting.

Without warning, the Suaron, the rulers of the lunar colony attack Kast'ar.  They want to gain control of the water harvest.  This initiates a series of harsh battles.  Along with their military might, the Suaron bring their mystical advisers.  These Maesters use drugs to tap into the mysterious energy of the planet. 

Our intrepid main character is Cairn.  He is the prince of the greatest ruling house.  He is in love with the princess of one of the lower houses.  He is an active member of the military.  Most of the plot involves following him through different adventures as he strives to defeat the off world attackers.  And there is plenty of fighting. There are dogfights involving fighter vehicles, both in space and in the atmosphere.  And there is plenty of sword fighting and head taking.  Along the way, Cairn discovers the legendary creatures who live in the caverns below the surface.  These beings assist Cairn in his quest.

I enjoyed this book.  It is an action packed adventure.  Diehl does a good job of moving the plot forward.  The plot is a little convoluted, but so is real life.  The prologue was a little confusing, and I would have liked more exposition at the beginning.

Over all, a fun Science Fiction Read.

Water Harvest

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