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Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Law in the Land by Michael Jecks

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: England, 1325

This novel is the twenty-seventh novel in Jeck's Knights Templar series.  This series follows the exploits of Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his companion bailiff Simon Puttock.

England is in turmoil.  Sir Hugh le Dispenser, the King's special friend, has been gaining power and wealth by exploiting his position with the King.  Sir Hugh and his supporters have run roughshod over the law as they take whatever they desire. The people of England tire of their lawlessness.

In this installment of the series, Sir Baldwin and Simon have returned from France.  They risk the anger of the king by informing him that his wife, Isabella, has defied him by remaining in France with their son.  Sir Hugh wishes to force Simon to do his bidding by having his daughter kidnapped and her husband arrested for treason.

When Baldwin and Simon return home, they become involved in the investigation of a mass murder.  A large party of travelers has been slaughtered, and the silver they were escorting has been stolen.  It soon becomes apparent that Dispenser's supporters are involved with this murder, and several more.  And that they are also involved with Simon's daughter's kidnapping.

Can Sir Baldwin and Simon solve the mystery, and bring the guilty to justice?  Can they rescue Simon's daughter? And can they avoid raising the ire of Sir Hugh le Dispenser?

I really enjoy Jeck's novels.  Each one is a complete story. And there are plot elements which continue through several novels.  The novels proceed in chronological order.  This novel takes place in October and November of 1325. (spoiler alert: The evil Sir Hugh has only a year to live.)

No Law in the Land

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