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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Destroyermen: Rising Tides

Genre: Alternate History

Setting: On a parallel version of Earth during the WWII era.

At the beginning of WWII in the southwestern Pacific ocean. The destroyer USS Walker is locked in battle with the Japanese battle ship Amagi. The captain of the Walker, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy, in a desperate move to save his ship and crew from destruction steers toward a fierce rain storm.

The squall is no ordinary meteorological event. It is a portal to a parallel Earth. The sailors aboard the Walker discover an Earth very different than the one they left. There they encounter new forms of animal and plant life, some very dangerous to the crew and the ship. The destroyermen also meet two sentient species: the peaceable, lemur-like Lemurians and the carnivorous, lizard-like Grik.

How the sailors from the Walker explore this alternate Earth, and join forces with the Lemurians, is the basis of the first installment of the Destroyermen series.

In the next four novels, the destroyermen aid the Lemurians in their fight against the Grik. They also discover that they are not the only humans in this version of Earth. A group of English ships entered in the 1800's. Another group of Spanish ships entered in the 1500's. And possibly some primitive peoples before that.

In this installment of the series, Lt. Commander Reddy and the USS Walker are headed east to New Britain, the islands inhabited by the descendants of the British explorers. Reddy's love, Nurse Tucker, with the Princess of New Britain and some others have been kidnapped. Reddy means to find them.

Unfortunately, Nurse Tucker and the princess, and their group have escaped and found refuge on a desolate, dangerous atoll. The Lumurian alliance with the humans continues to build its forces and train for the next big battle. The Grik are using lessons they have learned in past fights to improve their own forces. And to complicate matters, a volcano is threatening to "go Krakatoa" and disrupt everyone's plans.

Will Lt. Commander Reddy and the Walker find Nurse Tucker and the Princess? Or will the Alliance be plunged into another war? And will the pause in the battle with the Grik benefit the Alliance or the Grik?

I am really enjoying the Destroyermen series. Taylor Anderson has created an exciting parallel Earth. He has created fantastic, imaginative creatures to populate his Earth. Anderson's descriptions of the battles are enthralling. The books are real page turners. My only complaint is that they end too soon.  I can't wait to read the next Destroyermen novel.

Into the Storm, Destroyermen Book 1

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