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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hannibal's Children by John Maddox Roberts

Genre: Alternate History

Setting: In an alternate version of Europe and the Mediterranean, 115 years after the third Punic War. A version of history in which Rome was defeated by the Carthaginians .

First Sentence:  Behind them were the seven hills and the sacred city of Quirinus.

This novel is an example of alternate history.  The author choses a point of departure from our historical time line.  then the author tells how history might have happened.

In this novel, the point of departure is at the end of the third Punic War.  At this time, in our history Rome utterly destroyed the Carthaginian empire.  In this version,  Hannibal defeats the Romans and sends them into exile.

So, the Romans move north and settle in lands that once belonged to the barbarian hordes.  While in exile, the Romans continue their civilization and prepare for the day they when can conquer the Carthaginians and return to Rome.

After 115 years, envoys are sent out to assess the situation, and determine if the time has come for the conquest of Rome.

Is it time for the conquest to begin?

This was an okay book.  Once the change of timeline has occurred, the novel reads like a normal novel about Rome.

I you like reading about Rome and Romans, check out this book.



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