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Monday, May 22, 2017

For My Country's Freedom by Alexander Kent

Genre: Nautical Fiction, Historical Fiction

Setting: In England and at sea during the War of 1812.

First Sentence: Lady Catherine Somervell reined in the big mare and patted her neck with a gloved hand.

This book is the twenty-first in the author's Richard Bolitho series which currently runs to thirty novels.

Once again Sir Richard Bolitho has been called to duty.  War with the United States is imminent.  Sir Richard, now an admiral, has been tasked with the assignment to take the war to the American Navy.

Sir Richard, his nephew, and the members of his "little crew" go off to sea to define king and country.  The little crew is the group of sailors and officers who always seem to be at hand when Bolitho goes to sea.  Not only must they leave the country they love, they must leave the people they love.

In this novel there is great love, secret love, and tragedy.

The author does a good job of providing the exposition needed to understand the story.  However, I strongly suggest that, if you are interested in this story you should read them in order.

This novel was a great addition to the Bolitho saga.


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