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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exodus by Andreas Christensen

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: Earth in the year 2072

First Sentence:  Years ago, far too many to remember, the planet had been teeming with life.

This novel is the first in Christensen's Exodus Trilogy.

Several years ago a disaster befell the Mars Colony.  Since then, humanity had forsaken the study of the stars.  Humanity focused its attention on Earth.  So Earth was not prepared when a rogue planet entered the solar system and destroyed Mars.  It soon became clear that Earth would soon suffer the same fate.

A terrorist strike, exploding a nuclear bomb on U.S. soil, drastically altered the political climate in the United States.  The  Constitution was rewritten.  The U.S. became a police state.

The destruction of Earth was inevitable.  The political leaders rushed to build a star ship capable of carrying a select few to colonize a distant planet. Those selected to go needed the right mix of skills, and genes, and political allegiances.

But there are a few who disagree.

This novel is the first in a trilogy.  The main characters are introduced.  The story arcs have begun. There are no resolutions of plot lines.

I would have liked to have a little more drama.  It seemed that the star ship and its passengers got to their destination too easily. 

I enjoyed reading this book.


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