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Friday, December 12, 2014

I Hope You Find Me by Trish Marie Dawson

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Setting: Southern California, in a dystopian world.

FYI: Some Adult Content

First Sentence:  I can't remember how long their bodies burned, but I do remember the sun setting before it was over, just beyond the still and dismal outline of Downtown San Diego.

This novel is the first in Dawson's Find Me series which currently has two books.

Riley watched her two children die from the Red Plague.  Now she has to find a safe place to live.  As she prepares to leave San Diego, she leaves notes to help her friends and family find her.

She first finds Connor, a handsome man with a secret past.

She also finds that her notes lead dangerous people to find her as well.

There are very few people left alive.  There are also some apparently dead people who seem to be alive.  Can Riley, Connor, and their friends find a safe place to restart their lives?

In this novel, the author begins an interesting series.  We are introduced to the main characters, and to some interesting mysteries.  Even though this novel has more romance than my usual reading fare, I enjoyed it.  The plot was pretty believable, and the characters seemed realistic.  And the hints at the ghost/zombies piqued my interest.

Over all it was an enjoyable visit to a dystopian world.  I liked it.


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