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Friday, October 18, 2013

Out of the Limelight by James Bagworth

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: London, England in 1879

First Sentence:  She was alone now.

This novel is the first in a planned series featuring the main characters: Farrow and Flint.  Billy Farrow and Norman Flint together form a music hall act.  They are definitely not sleuths.  But through tenacity and luck, they find a way to unravel the clues to solve a rather complex mystery.

In the first few chapters of this novel, the author introduces several parallel plot lines.  The challenge for the reader is to discover how the seemingly random plots would intersect.

Farrow and Flint are falsely accused with murder.  The fact that Farrow has the blood of the murder victim on his clothes is damning evidence.

Playing at the same theater as Farrow and Flint is a beautiful French chanteuse.  Who is she running from?  And why?

In the audience watching Farrow and Flint are two shady characters.  They seem to be planning a spectacular assassination.  Who could be the target of their explosive plans?

And how does the murder of an innocent young flower girl lead Farrow and Flint to discover the horrible secret that brings all the plot lines together in an action filled conclusion?

Along the way Bagworth has spiced up his novel with several unique characters.  The interesting characters and unexpected plot twists made for an enjoyable read.  I was interested to see how the author would resolve his plots.  He did so in spectacular fashion.  His conclusion was definitely unexpected.

For me, this novel was a fun read.

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