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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teleport This by Christopher M. Daniels

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: At the beginning of the 21st century in space and on multiple planets.

First Sentence:  So here we are at the beginning of the 21st century on Earth and, in all fairness, a pretty exciting time to be on the planet.

What if the universe is filled with sentient creatures, and they are all human, or mostly human with some variation in shape and color?

And what if they are not very interested in discovering us, but leave it up to us to discover them?

In Christopher Daniels's universe his two main characters, Simon and Gilbert, decipher a signal from space which contains the instructions for communicating with the advanced humans of the galaxy.  Also included are the instructions for building a teleportation device. Using this device Simon and Gilbert are introduced to an interesting array of wise cracking, "alien" humans:

     Jon - a computer hacker/con man,
     Ellie - his space freighter captain sister,
     Ellie2 - a self-aware intelligent computer/robot,
     Alicia - a beautiful planetary princess with built-in laser beams,
     to name a few.

Simon and Gilbert get mixed up with characters on the run from the law, double crossing con men, and dangerous intergalactic mobsters.  As the characters stumble through their adventures they try to make the best of bad situations.  Their wise cracking banter makes this novel a humorous romp through space.

I enjoyed this book.  It made for a fun, easy, light read.  A nice break between more weighty tomes.

Teleport This

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