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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Triumph of Caesar by Steven Saylor

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: Rome in 46B.C.

This novel is the eighth in Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series.  His main character is Gordianus the Finder.  Gordianus is ancient Rome's version of a private investigator.  In his search for truth, Gordianus encounters many of Rome's great historical  figures.  Along they way we learn about Gordianus's complicated family which includes: Bethesda- his wife and former slave, his daughter - Diana, her husband and children, and three adopted sons.

Julius Caesar has returned to Rome after years of war.  He plans to mount four great triumphal celebrations to commemorate his military victories in Gaul, Egypt, Asia and Africa.  Gordianus's friend, Hieronymus, has been found murdered near Caesar's wife's home.  He had been investigating a conspiracy against Caesar's life.

Gordianus is asked to find out who killed Hieronymus, and who is planning to kill Caesar.  The list of people he interviews reads like a who's who of Roman history.  Among them are Cicero, Marc Antony, Cleopatra, Brutus, and Julius Caesar himself.

Will Gordianus make sense of the clues he uncovers, or will Caesar die in the final act?

I enjoy Saylor's writing style.  His novels are fun page turners which make ancient Rome come to life.

The Triumph of Caesar

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