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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Dove of Death by Peter Tremayne

Genre: Historical Mystery

The Dove of Death is the 18th novel in Peter Tremeyne's Mysteries of Ancient Ireland series.  This story takes place in the year 670AD.

The main character is Sister Fidelma.  She has a very complex life.  She is a trained advocate of the law.  She is a nun.  She is the sister of King of Ireland.  She is married to a monk: Brother Eadulf.  (The rules about celibacy were different 1300 years ago!)  And she is mother to their child Alchu.

Ancient Ireland had a well defined set of rules, laws and courts.  Fidelma is trained to the second highest level of lawyer, just below judges.  This means she is often called upon to solve mysteries, especially those surrounding untimely deaths.  Often, her husband and partner work together to unravel mysteries.  But make no mistake, Fidelma is in charge.  Eadulf is is Watson to Fidema's Sherlock.

In the Dove of Death, Fidelma and Eadulf are returning to Ireland by sea.  Their ship is attacked by pirates commanded by a masked villain dressed in white. During the attack, Fidema's cousin is killed.  Fidelma and Eadulf wind up on shore with no immediate way home.  They must discover the identity of the leader of the pirates.  As they investigate, several more murders occur.  How many  will die before Fidelma solves the mystery and finds justice for her slain cousin?

The Dove of Death

The first book in the series: Absolution by Murder

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