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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John Scalzi

Genre: Science Fiction

John Scalzi is a great writer.  I have enjoyed reading every book of his.  He has a nice easy to read style that makes you want to keep reading.

My introduction to Scalzi was Old Man's War.  In this story, elderly people are recruited for service in the space brigades.  Once in space, their consciousness is transferred to a new, high tech, state of the art body.  The service gets experienced personnel, the old people get their youth back.  A great read told in a readable first person style.

Scalzi's second book in the Old Man's War series is The Ghost Brigades.  These units consist of clones constructed of human dna.  Our hero discovers a clone built from his dead wife's dna.  He has feelings for her, she doesn't know him.  It's complicated.  Once again, a satisfying read.

The third book in the series is Zoe's Tale.  This story is told from the point of view of a young girl with an interesting past.  Her father was the mad scientist who became a traitor to humanity and authored the deaths of millions, alien and human.  A species of alien life now follow and protect her as their most holy religious personage.  As you can see, Zoe's life is a little different than that of a normal human girl.

The final book in this series is The Last Colony.  In this book, the hero of Old Man's War,  the clone made from his wife's dna, and Zoe along with her alien body guards form a functional family and prevent the destruction of their colony planet. 

Another great book by John Scalzi is Agent to the Stars.  What would happen if aliens used a Hollywood agent to orchestrate the first contact between humans and aliens?

So if you are looking for a fun read by an inventive author, give John Scalzi a try!

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