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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Nomad of Time by Michael Moorcock

Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Alternate History

This book contains three short novels about the main character Oswald Bastable.  Bastable is a soldier in the British army serving in India in 1903.  He mysteriously gets  transported into the future: the year 1973.  But his 1973 is not our 1973.  There are steam powered cars, and gigantic airships.

Bastable survives his first time traveling experience, and travels to two other twentieth century "futures".  In each, he finds many differences, but he finds some similarities.  The world seems to always be at war, although the countries and reasons are varied.  In each future time, someone invents nuclear weapons.

I enjoy science fiction.  I find the sub-genre of alternate history very enjoyable.  In these novels, the author presents a "what-if?" version of the past.  Moorcock's vision of Bastable's future makes for an enjoyable, yet somewhat pessimistic view of the future and human nature.

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