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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Shanghai Tunnel by Sharan Newman

Genre: Historical Mystery
Setting:  Portland, Oregon in the 1860's

      The title of this book refers to the tunnel system found under the city of Portland, Oregon.  Portland is the setting for this novel.
     The main character, Emily Stratton, and her son arrive in Portland after the death of her husband. The daughter of Chinese missionaries, Emily is a stranger in Portland.  As she becomes acquainted with Portland society, and her husband's business dealings, she learns the truth about the source of her husband's wealth.
     Several untimely deaths force Emily to investigate Portland, and her husband's nefarious business dealings.

     Sharan Newman is one of my favorite authors.  She is also the author of the Catherine LeVendeur Mystery series.  This series is set in Medieval France.  Catherine's family is complicated.  Several of her family members are Jewish.  Her own father struggles with his Jewish heritage.  Death Comes as Epiphany is the first book in this 10 novel series.

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